Caramel Corn, Chocolate Coated" from Cleeto

CREET Caramel

Corn Choco Coat CREET will release Caramel Corn Choco Coat, a collaboration with Caramel Corn, on February 20. It is available only during the winter season. The content is 30g (1.06oz) and the price is open.

Caramel Corn Choco


"Caramel Corn Choco Coated" is a caramel corn coated with chocolate. The exquisite caramel and chocolate sweetness makes the taste irresistible. The package has a catchy design with the symbol of Caramel Corn, "Mr. Caramel Corn," covered in chocolate. It is a perfect size to fill up a small stomach.


Corn The combination of crunchy milk caramel flavored sweet corn puffs and salty roasted peanuts is an addictive snack. The aroma of caramel gently fills your mouth. It is a long-selling product of Tohato loved by all generations.