Morinaga Seika Hi-Soft Enclosure Card renewed

Morinaga Seika Hi-Soft

, with a renewed enclosure


Morinaga Seika will sell Hi-Soft, a long-selling product launched in 1969, with a renewed enclosure card "Morinaga Okashi Retro Card". The product contains 12 pieces and is open to the public.


"Hi-Soft" has been well received by many people for its gentle sweetness, rich milk flavor, and enclosed cards. The new "Morinaga Okashi Retro Card" is designed with photos and development episodes of Morinaga's popular product when it was launched. The cards come in a box format that makes them easy to carry around and take out.

There are a total of 16 types of cards, making them fun to collect and stimulating conversation with nostalgic memories. They are the perfect accompaniment to your outings and travels. In addition, the "Beautiful Bridge Card" that was introduced in the fall of 2020 has been discontinued, and the enclosed cards have been changed for the first time in two and a half years. Why don't you try to complete the complete set? And if you see one, pick it up!