Sushiro "Whole Hokkaido Tsukushi"

A limited-time fair "Marugoto Hokkaido Tsukushi" will be held from March 18th at each Sushiro store. Until April 5th. It will end as soon as it runs out.

This is a fair where "luxury ingredients" from Hokkaido gather. The main product, "Hokkaido 3 Kanseki" (300 yen, tax not included, same below) is a luxurious dish with Hokkaido's representative natural salmon, scallops, and raw surf clams. The scallops are topped with salmon roe from Hokkaido, making it a colorful three-piece sashimi.

Sushiro "Hokkaido 3 pieces"
Hokkaido 3 pieces

In addition, "Shinkukai" (150 yen) is cut in the store so as not to miss the fresh taste and texture. Therefore, it is sweet and you can enjoy its crunchy texture.

Sushiro "Sushiro"
Whelk shell

In addition, the thick and sweet "scallop scallop" (150 yen), the "buri sesame soy sauce pickled" (100 yen) pickled in the original sesame sauce, and the water octopus caught in the Sea of Okhotsk and Nemuro We have a rich lineup such as "Sesame Straw Grill" (150 yen) baked with sesame.

Sushiro "Scallops"
Scallop scallop

Sushiro "Sesame pickled in soy sauce for the first time"
Yellowtail pickled in sesame soy sauce

Sushiro "Straw-grilled octopus"
Straw grilled octopus

The side menu includes "Sapporo Nunobukuro Chicken Zangi" (280 yen) supervised by Chinese restaurant "Nunobukuro" and "Hokukai Miso" which is topped with soup stock from natural autumn salmon from Hokkaido and topped with sardines, corn and steamed scallops. "Ramen" (330 yen) and "Amaebi fried chicken" (150 yen) that you can enjoy the crispy texture are now available.

Sushiro "Sapporo Nunobukuro Chicken Zangi"
Sapporo cloth bag chicken Zangi

Sushiro "Hokkaido Miso Ramen"
Hokkai Miso Ramen

Sushiro "fried shrimp"
Deep-fried sweet shrimp

For dessert, "Namara Milk Ice Melva" (300 yen) will be on sale. It is a dish that you can enjoy the harmony of "Betsubara Cream", "Hokkaido Milk Ice", and sweet and sour fresh strawberries, which are made with Hokkaido cream and have a refreshing taste.

Sushiro "Namara Milk Ice Melva"
Smooth milk ice melba

* Items and prices are different at some stores. In addition, it is not handled by Sushiro Konomi.