"Butter Sand [Uji Matcha]" at Tokyo Station for a limited time

"Butter Sand [Uji Matcha]" will be on sale on November 13th at PRESS BUTTER SAND Tokyo Station. Prices start at 1,150 yen (tax included) for 5 pieces. The sale period is until November 30th.

"Butter Sand [Uji Matcha]" is a product that was born in October 2018 to commemorate the opening of "PRESS BUTTER SAND Kyoto Station Store". This time, it will be sold at the Tokyo Station store for a limited time in response to many requests.

Using carefully selected Uji matcha for both the dough and butter cream, the original mellow aroma of matcha enhances the richness of butter for a well-balanced taste. The cream has a two-layered structure that feels the bitterness of matcha butter cream and the moderate sweetness of caramel butter, and you can enjoy the contrast between the smooth-tasting cream and the crispy cookie dough.

The packaging also incorporates artwork unique to Kyoto. The box is inspired by the cultivation method that blocks sunlight, which is peculiar to Uji Matcha, and has a special coloring with navy. The individual wrapping is finished in a color reminiscent of matcha green.