"Iwashita's new ginger like an apple" for a limited time

Iwashita Foods will release a sweet type Iwashita new ginger series product "Apple-like Iwashita new ginger slice" on October 1st. The sale period is until the end of December. The price is 198 yen (excluding tax).

This is ginger pickled in sweet and sour sauce using apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and honey. The moment you eat it, the sweetness is refreshing and quite mellow, but the aftertaste is finished with the flavor of Iwashita's new ginger and the mild spiciness.

It's like an apple, but you can feel Iwashita's new ginger firmly. The fruity taste goes well with tea and yogurt, and you can enjoy it like a dessert.

It's a slice type that you can open the bag and eat quickly, and it's perfect as a snack when you're a little hungry, or as a companion for tea time. It is sliced to a thickness that allows you to enjoy a crispy and moderate texture.

Iwashita's new ginger series "Iwashita's new ginger slice like an apple" that you can enjoy like a dessert. If you like new ginger, check it out!