Ministop Limited "Cheese Hatgu"

I tried the hot snack "Cheese Hatgu" sold at Ministop. Enjoy the chewy cheese, crispy batter, and sausages in the back.

Ministop Limited "Cheese Hatgu"
The batter is crunchy

The price is 237 yen (tax included, as of September), and the calories are 360 Kcal. It is said that he has researched a genuine Korean hatgu specialty store and reproduced the popular bumpy hatgu.

Mozzarella cheese that stretches at the tip and sausage at the base, you can enjoy the deliciousness twice with one. By adding glutinous flour to the dough and rough bread crumbs to the batter, the inside is chewy and the outside is crunchy.

It's a hot snack, but it's better to ask for warmth when ordering. When you take it out of the wrapping paper in a hot state, first sprinkle plenty of the attached seasoning "Mustard & Tomato".

Ministop "Cheese Hatgu"
Sprinkle plenty of mustard and tomatoes

Next, I will peel off the tip. The cheese grows tremendously with a fairly firm texture. It will not tear even if you pull it about 2 to 3 cm. The texture of the tongue is firm, and both are so soft that the boundary between the cheese and the dough is not clear, but only the outside is fried with a nice texture.

Ministop Limited "Cheese Hatgu"
It's packed with plenty of cheese.

If you tear off the position from the root to about half, you will find juicy sausage, which goes well with mustard and tomatoes together with the outer garment. The sausage is not so thick, so it looks like a mini-sized version of an American dog. You can enjoy the different taste of the tongue that is used to cheese.

Ministop Limited "Cheese Hatgu"
Sausages are also available at the base!