Matsuya "Beef Japchae Set Meal" and "Japchae Combo Beef Meal

Matsuya "Beef Japchae Set Meal" and "Japchae

Combo Beef Meal" Matsuya will release new menu items "Beef Japchae Set Meal" and "Japchae Combo Beef Meal" on Tuesday, April 4 at 10 a.m. (except at some stores). To go (to-go) available.

Beef Japchae Set Meal and Japchae Combo Beef Me

al The new menu features the appetizing aroma and flavor of sesame oil, a home-style Korean dish, arranged in the Matsuya style to suit Japanese rice. Matsuya's "Japchae" is made by stir-frying vermicelli with red, yellow, and green bell peppers, seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce, and finished with the flavor of sesame oil to whet your appetite.

Matsuya "Beef Japchae Set Meal

The set meal is sold as "royal Korean cuisine x beef rice" by stir-frying it together with standard beef rice meat. A new combo beef rice dish, "Japchae Combo Beef Rice," is also on sale and can be enjoyed in two different ways.

Matsuya "Japchae Combo Beef Rice

Prices including tax are as follows. For To go, miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Japchae Combo Beef Meal 630 yen
Beef Japchae Set Meal 730 yen

From April 4, 10:00 to April 11, 15:00, order "Beef Japchae Set Meal" and "Japchae Combo Beef Meal" related products using Matsubenet and receive 100 points.

100 points present for Matsuben net

Campaign date and time is based on the date and time of receipt.
Matsuya Mobile Order is not eligible for the "100 Point Present" campaign.
100 points will be given for every purchase of the menu items during the campaign period.
Points will not be awarded for the use of discount coupons or service coupons.