Lawson "Mille Crepes (Caramel & Almond)"
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At each Lawson store, we have summarized the new arrival sweets that will be released on August 13th! There are 4 products in the lineup of interest. * Sales status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Strawberry shortcake & rare cheesecake 395 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson "Strawberry Shortcake & Rare Cheesecake"

A combination of shortcake with strawberries and rare cheesecake. The shortcake is finished with a refreshing cream. Rare cheesecake, on the other hand, is made with Hokkaido cream cheese and has a smooth texture.

・ Mille crêpes (caramel & almond) 2 pieces 395 yen

Lawson "Mille Crepes (Caramel & Almond)"

Mille crêpes with a crepe dough with a chewy texture and a mixed cream mixed with custard. It is finished with caramel as a taste accent and almond topping as a texture accent.

・ Scorched soybean flour raw Daifuku 140 yen

Lawson "Scorched Kinako Raw Daifuku"

Raw Daifuku is made by wrapping cream made from carefully roasted black soybean flour and low-sweetness bean paste in mochi (habutae mochi). It is finished with luxuriously sprinkled with flavorful soybean flour.

・ Thick warabi mochi fluffy matcha 295 yen

Lawson "Thick Warabimochi Fluffy Matcha"

Cup sweets made by layering simmering warabi mochi and matcha agar on black honey sauce and binding with transparent jelly. Topped with fluffy meringue-style matcha mousse, whipped cream, tangerines, and black beans. Enjoy the cool look and texture.