Hattendo's "Melting Cream Bread Setouchi Lemon"
Only 5 stores in total in Osaka, Kobe and Okayama

The summer-only flavor "Melting Cream Bun Setouchi Lemon" from Hattendo's "Cream Bun" series is now available. It will be sold at Hattendo's "ekimo Umeda," "ekimo Tennoji," "JR Sannomiya Station," "AEON MALL Okayama," and "Sansute Okayama."

The price is 280 yen (tax included) per piece. Hattendo's cream bun is not baked after injecting cream into the dough, but cream is injected after the dough is baked like cream puff. Furthermore, it is characterized by being laid in the refrigerator to give it a moist texture so that it melts in the mouth, but in the new flavor, in addition to this cream, lemon jam from Setouchi is injected in two layers.

Jam is manufactured by Hattendo's original non-heating method and has a refreshing and fruity taste. The fresh sweet and sour taste goes well with the cool and cold cream, making it suitable for hot summers.

Cream buns made with Setouchi lemon will be sold exclusively in Hiroshima prefecture in February, but this time it will be available at a total of 5 stores in Osaka, Kobe, and Okayama in the Kansai region. As in the last time, the handling in the Kanto area does not include directly managed stores.