Hattendo "Creamy bread - milk



Creamy Bun Milk" Hattendo released "Creamy Bun Milk" on May 17. It is available at Hattendo's permanent stores in Hiroshima Prefecture and at Hattendo's online store.

Cream Pan


"Cream Pan Milk" was developed under the theme of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in light of recent problems such as raw milk waste and egg supply shortages. Ordinary custard cream is made with eggs, but the special milk cream used in "Cream Pan Milk" is made without eggs and with plenty of milk. The smooth texture of the cream buns is preserved, while the gentle sweetness and flavor of milk is emphasized.

Hattendo "Creamy bread - milk

It was developed under SDG Goal 12 "Responsibility to Create Responsibility to Produce" to "ensure sustainable patterns of consumption and production," approaching the two issues of milk utilization and egg shortage.

Priced at 320 yen per piece (tax included). The online store price is 1,069 yen for a pack of three (tax included, shipping not included).

Hattendo's permanent stores (in Hiroshima Prefecture: Hattendo Main Store, Hattendo ekie Hiroshima Station Store, Hattendo Miamihara Shinmei-no-Sato Store * Other stores in Japan will follow in due course), Hattendo Hiroshima Airport Store, and Hattendo Online Shop.

Eggs are used in the dough.