Hattendo "Kasama chestnut cream bread

Hattendo Kasama

Chestnut Creamy Bun Hattendo will sell "Kasama Chestnut Creamy Bun". Priced at 410 yen per piece (tax included), the bread will be available in limited quantities from September 1 (sales will cease once the planned quantity is reached). It will be sold at Hattendo's regular stores (in Japan). It will not be sold through Hattendo's online store.

Kasama Chestnut

Cream Bread

: Kasama chestnuts are a brand of chestnuts harvested in Kasama City, a major production area in Ibaraki Prefecture, which boasts the nation's largest area of chestnut cultivation and the largest volume of chestnut shipments. We have developed a chestnut cream using "Kasama's chestnut paste*" with a sugar content of 30 degrees, made only from chestnuts grown in Kasama and granulated sugar, which emphasizes the chestnut's original aroma and flavor. The moist and flavorful bread dough is made with two layers of chestnut cream and Hattendo's standard custard, creating a flavor that complements the chestnuts from Kasama. Recommended for autumn, when you can experience the true aroma and taste of chestnuts.

*Chestnut paste from Kasama
We purchase carefully selected chestnuts from farmers in Kasama City, and under the concept of "Create, connect, Kasama's chestnuts. The product is manufactured at the Kasama Chestnut Factory, which produces safe, secure, and high-quality products under the concept of "Creating, Connecting, Kasama Chestnuts," so that the wishes of chestnut producers and production areas can be conveyed to tourists and consumers through processing businesses.