McCafé's first "La France smoothie" at McDonald's
La France in summer!

The new product "La France Smoothie" will be on sale for a limited time from August 7th at the McDonald's cafe "McCafé". The third "Gorogoro Fruit Smoothie" that concludes the summer drink series where you can enjoy the thick fruit.

"La France Smoothie" is a summer-only smoothie that uses 15% of domestic La France juice. The smoothie base is made from La France sauce, which has a rich flavor and mild acidity, and is finished so that you can enjoy an elegant aroma and a juicy, refreshing sweetness. For toppings, we use pear sauce with pulp. You can enjoy the freshness and flesh that spreads gently the moment you put it in your mouth, the moist texture and the smooth texture. The price starts from 490 yen (tax included) for M size.

In addition, "Double La France Smoothie", which doubles the toppings for an additional charge of 60 yen (tax included), is also available. It has a rugged flesh and you can enjoy a richer taste.

Both are scheduled to be sold until early September. Why don't you enjoy it together with the " peach smoothie" on sale?

McCafé's first "La France smoothie" at McDonald's
Peach smoothie (left) and La France smoothie (right)