McDonald's introduces new bar code payment service.

McDonald's New Barcode Payment Service

Barcode payment services such as "Rakuten Pay" and "PayPay" will be newly introduced at McDonald's restaurants for in-store checkout and drive-through payment starting October 2 (except for some stores).

New barcode

payment services

Previously available only for "Mobile Order" and "McDelivery Service", "d-pay", "Rakuten Pay", "PayPay" and "au PAY" will now be available for payment at in-store cash registers and drive-through.

From now on, customers at McDonald's restaurants will be able to earn and spend "d-points" by paying with "d-payment" and "Rakuten Points" by paying with "Rakuten Pay". In addition, a special redemption campaign for those who use "d-payment" and "Rakuten Pay" at McDonald's stores is scheduled to start on October 18.

The handling of "d-points" and "Rakuten Points" services (to save and spend by presenting point cards and point apps) at McDonald's stores nationwide will end on January 14, 2024.

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