Pablo's "Basque Cheese Cake"
The outside is dark and the inside is fluffy

At "PABLO", a store specializing in freshly baked cheese tart, you can buy "Pablo Basque Cheese Cake" that has been baked well. It will be treated as a grand menu from August 1st at each store (excluding some) nationwide.

It is sold in a hall with a diameter of about 13 cm, and the price is 980 yen (tax included). It is baked with rich cream cheese, eggs, and Hokkaido cream.

Pablo "Basque Cheese Cake"
It is sold in the 13 cm hall

The cake, which is made up of cream cheese, which accounts for about 40% of the total, is slowly baked, and the outside has a dark baked taste, and the inside has a smooth and fluffy texture of rich cheese. In addition, it is packed in a unique paper cup whose sides can be peeled off by hand, which is convenient when cutting and eating.

Pablo "Basque Cheese Cake"
Comes in a paper cup that is easy to peel off

Pablo Basque cheese cakes can be purchased at all Pablo stores except the "PABLO mini" specialty store. Specifically, it is as follows. "Round One Sapporo Shiraishi Hondori Store" "Aeon Mall Natori Store" "Shinjuku Store" "Akihabara Store" "Koshiya Lake Town mori Store" "Mito Excel Store" "New Shizuoka Senova Store" "Asti Shizuoka Store" "Kanazawa Morino" Sato store, Aeon Mall Niigata Minami store, (Nagoya) Kintetsu Passe store, Namba CITY store, JR Osaka station store, Shin-Osaka station store, Shinsaibashi store, Yumetown Saga store, Ogura Kyomachi store, Ogura Kyomachi store Okinawa Kokusaidori store ".