Cat "Nyanchi, Strawberry
Nyanchi Strawberry



A limited time only sweet "Nyanchi Strawberry" is now available from the "Nekoneko" brand. It will be available at 110 stores nationwide, including Heart Bread Antique, Pastel, and Pinedo, until March 31, 2023. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included) for a package of four.

Cat "Nyanchi, Strawberry


" is a brand created in July by integrating "Nekoneko Bread," "Nekoneko Cheesecake," and "Nekoneko Factory," all of which are shaped like cats. This time, the mini-sized "Nyanchi" from the Nekoneko Cheesecake series is now available in a flavor using strawberries, which are in season in winter.

Nyanchi is baked at high temperature to give it a browned, basque-like finish. The outside is browned, while the inside is thick and smooth, and its cute, round size makes it easy to eat, making it a perfect addition to any home café.

The Nyanchi Strawberry, as the name suggests, is made with strawberry puree to create a strawberry flavor, and the aroma and sweetness of strawberries spread in the mouth. You can enjoy the mild yet sweet and sour taste. It is recommended as a gift or souvenir for cat lovers.

Neko Neko "Nyanchi Strawberry" package
Nyanchi Strawberry" package

There are four types of packages with a simple yet warm design that looks like a cutout of a cat's daily life. Some stores may not carry the product. The sales period is subject to change without notice.