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Do you guys eat "canned food"? In addition to being able to be stored for a long period of time, many households have a large amount of stock because of the convenience of being able to open it and eat it as it is.

Maruha Nichiro has sent us the popularity ranking of such "canned foods" and the surprisingly unknown "good to eat" bean knowledge!

◆ Popular canning ranking!

According to a survey of men and women between the ages of 20 and 59 who bought canned foods within a year, the number one canned food that is always available at home is "seafood (mackerel, crab, tuna, etc.)". The second place was "fruits (mandarin oranges, peaches, pineapples, etc.)" and the third place was "agricultural products (mushrooms, corn, tomatoes, etc.)". Mackerel cans, tuna cans, tomato cans, etc. can be widely used in everyday cooking and are convenient.

Image photo of canned food
Fruit cans are also popular

In addition, as a result of investigating canned favorite marine products, the 1st place was "Tuna", the 2nd place was "Mackerel", and the 3rd place was "pacific saury". While many people consciously take mackerel as a "healthy food," some people simply eat it as a snack because they like the taste.

Image photo of canned food
After all everyone likes tuna cans

By the way, canned foods that are nice to have at home are ranked 1st for marine products, 2nd for fruits, and 3rd for "livestock products (yakitori, corned beef, quail eggs, etc.)". Demand for snacks seems to be high.

Image photo of canned food
Beer companion

◆ What is the best time to eat canned food?

In the case of canned marine products, the seasoning liquid has not yet fully soaked into the fish immediately after production. It seems that the taste gradually becomes familiar and you can eat it more deliciously after a while from the production.

Image photo of canned food
When the taste is soaked (the photo is an image)

Even if the consumption tax rises in October 2019, the reduced tax rate will be applied to canned foods. If you stock up on various types of canned food, it will be more and more useful for your future home cooking!