Meiji "M's Bar Brandy Ore"
Chocolate with strong brandy

M's Bar Brandy Ole

I bought the Meiji chocolate "M's Bar Brandy Ole" at Lawson. It is a dish with a strong habit that makes you feel like you are going to have a sweet orange peel and a strong brandy.

The price at Lawson is 216 yen (tax included). Calories are 268 kcal per box. A honey-pickled orange peel entwined in milk cream with plenty of brandy and wrapped in milk chocolate.

Meiji "M's Bar Brandy Ore"
Contains 4 bottles. The taste of each bottle is strong and the satisfaction is high, so it is suitable for sharing.

It contains a large amount of brandy powder and has an alcohol content of 3.1%. It is a sweet for adults that is not suitable for children. You can share it with your friends with 4 bottles in individual packaging per box. When you bite into the chocolate, the smell of Western liquor tickles your nose before your tongue touches the cream underneath.

Meiji "M's Bar Brandy Ore"
Plenty of brandy powder in cream

What continues to overflow is the alcohol content that burns your throat. The texture of the finely chopped orange peel and the sweet, bitter and condensed citrus flavor combine to create a strong yet well-balanced finish. It takes a long time to finish eating just one bottle.

Meiji "M's Bar Brandy Ore"
I'm going to get tipsy

Brandy, which is good for chocolate itself, is strong for pinching while drinking alcohol, so if anything, strong black coffee is suitable.