Meiji "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat" and 3 other products

Meiji "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat" and three other products

Meiji will release winter-only chocolates "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat", "Meltykiss Fruity Dark Chigo", and "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat Bag" on October 24. This year, too, the "snowy" melt-in-your-mouth texture will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time.

Since its launch in 1992, "Meltykiss" has been a popular winter-only chocolate product, characterized by its snowy mouthfeel and the rich, creamy taste of milk and cacao. The package design with snowflakes depicts a winter fantasy, emphasizing the high quality and delicacy of Meltykiss.


Premium Chocolat

Meiji "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat

Meltykiss Premium Chocolat is made with the richness of creamy milk and a clean finish.


Fruity Dark Chigo

Meiji "Melty Kiss Fruity Dark Chigo

Meltykiss Fruity Dark Chigo" offers a sweet and sour taste that brings out the true flavor of strawberries.


Premium Chocolat Bag

Meiji "Meltykiss Premium Chocolat Bag

Meltykiss Premium Chocolat Bag" is a large bag type for heavy users of premium chocolates, and is recommended for sharing at events or buying in bulk.

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