New takoyaki "Yuzu green onion menta"

Tsukiji Gindaco (excluding some stores) will release a new takoyaki "Yuzu Negi Meita" on July 18th. For a limited time. The price is 680 yen (tax included).

This is a new product in the luxury green onion dako series. A special Japanese-style soy sauce sauce with plenty of crispy green onions, and a luxuriously used ponzu sauce with fragrant special yuzu, menta mayonnaise, and rich menta sauce. The texture of green onion, the scent of yuzu, and the rich menta are perfectly matched.

"Yuzu Negi Meita" is a new menu of Tsukiji Gindaco, whose richly fragrant yuzu flavor is perfect for this season. If you like Yuzu and Mayo Meita, please give it a try!