Kuchifukudo "Tapioca Milk Tea Mizumanju"
I'm curious about the taste

"Kuchifukudo" sells a new summer-only product "Tapioca Milk Tea Mizumanju". The price is 172 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

This is a mizu manju with the popular "tapioca milk tea" arranged. White bean paste-based milk bean paste is wrapped in a fragrant milk tea dough with tapioca.

Kuchifukudo "Tapioca Milk Tea Mizumanju"

The tapioca texture accentuates the pull-pull dough, which changes to a cool mouthfeel when cooled a little, not to mention normal temperature. It is also recommended as a snack for your home or as a souvenir for your photos.

Also, from July 6th, "Tapioca Fruit Mizumanju" will be released in sequence. In addition to tapioca, strawberry, mango, ramune diced jelly and white bean paste are wrapped, and you can enjoy different tastes and textures for each bite. The colorful tapioca and jelly that you can see from the translucent fabric are cool and perfect for the coming season when it gets hot. The price is 172 yen per piece.

Kuchifukudo "Tapioca Fruit Mizumanju"

* Depending on the store, it may not be available or the sales period may differ.