Fujiya pastry shop "chocolate mint chiffon" and "chocolate mint cake"

Two kinds of refreshing chocolate mint sweets are now available at each Fujiya pastry shop. "Chocolate Mint Chiffon" and "Chocolate Mint Cake" will be on sale on May 24th (excluding some stores).

Chocolate mint chiffon is a cake made by putting a light type of chocolate custard cream in a mint-flavored chiffon dough, squeezing the mint cream on the upper surface, and sprinkling crispy chocolate. If you eat a bite, the refreshing mint flavor will spread throughout your mouth. The price is 360 yen (tax included).

On the other hand, the chocolate mint cake was sold last year (2018) and was well received. Soak cocoa sponge with mint-flavored syrup and sandwich peppermint cream and chocolate chips. Peppermint cream is also squeezed on the top surface and topped with chocolate chips. You can enjoy the crispy texture of chocolate chips. The price is 360 yen (tax included).