"Sugar Off Cheesecake" from Fujiya Online Shop "Family Town"

At Fujiya's online shop "Family Town", a new product "Sugar Off Cheesecake", which is limited to online shops, is on sale from November 22nd. Also available at Family Town Rakuten Ichiba.

Sugar off cheesecake

Following the popular "sugar-off chocolate raw cake" and "sugar-off white chocolate raw cake" that have been popular since their launch last year, "sugar-off cheesecake" is now available. A cheesecake with about 52% off sugar (*), which is made by pouring cheese seeds made from Hokkaido cheese into a biscuit dough with reduced sugar and baking it. You can enjoy the rich taste of cheese while being sugar-free. * Comparison with "Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2020 (8th edition)" baked cheesecake (per 100g) (excluding erythritol).

Approximately 130 mm in diameter. The price is 4,200 yen (tax included, free shipping).

* Not available at Fujiya pastry shops.
* Products will be delivered frozen.
* It may be sold out.