Shiseido Parlor "Reiwa First Year Commemorative Parfait"
Red and white congratulations fully open

Eight Shiseido Parlor stores are selling commemorative parfaits to celebrate the "first year of Reiwa" until May 31st. The red strawberry "Asuka Ruby", which is as glossy as a ruby, is displayed, and the dawn of a new era is brilliantly colored.

The menu name is "Reiwa 1st Year Commemorative Parfait" and the selling price is 1,728 yen (tax included). To celebrate the beginning of a new era, "Oiri", which is said to be congratulations in Kagawa Prefecture, "Asuka Ruby", a strawberry from Tokushima Prefecture, and pink and white white balls are displayed, and the colors are red and white like a celebration.

Shiseido Parlor "" Reiwa First Year Commemorative Parfait ""
Pink vanilla jelly on the bottom of the glass!

The pink vanilla jelly on the bottom of the glass contains white balls, blueberries, and strawberries. It's a commemorative parfait where you can enjoy traditional vanilla ice cream, as well as strawberry ice cream and sauce, which are typical of Shiseido Parlor.

The Shiseido parlor restaurants are Nihonbashi store, Yokohama Takashimaya store, Yokohama Sogo store, Nagoya store, Jiyugaoka store (opened May 18, 2019), Yaesu shop, Kitte Granche shop at shops & cafes, Salon de at cafes.・ Cafe Lazona Kawasaki store.