Eat "True Burning Chili Pepper"
I saw it at a convenience store

I ate the "Shin Burning Chili Pepper" that I suddenly saw. It's about twice as hot and twice as good as the first generation. However, the source of spiciness is powder with habanero sprinkled on the surface, so if you handle it incorrectly, your throat and nose will be very difficult.

Renewed in 2018. These days, you can easily buy it at convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven, so I just bought it. The price was 136 yen (tax included). The spiciness is further increased with a powder of 11.7% fried habanero, which is dressed in sliced peppers.

Eat "True Burning Chili Pepper"
It's a bare package, but it seems unlikely that a "spicy accident" will occur.

I liked the first "Burning Chili" and often bought it. It's spicy and spicy among acquaintances, but it's not so much to experience, and I liked it as a snack that can be eaten as a small snack.

I haven't had a chance to eat since I got "true", so I'll try to think about the difference while tracing my memory during this period. First one. Obviously, there is a tingling sensation on the tongue compared to before the renewal. Probably because of the powder with habanero.

Eat "True Burning Chili Pepper"
Pepper powder on fried pepper. It's amazing to think calmly

However, it is still a level that can be enjoyed as a knob. It's not so hot that you can't get the second mouth anymore. However, when I grabbed the next bite, the area around my nose started to hurt a little. The third mouth. It feels like my throat is burning a little.

I also start to sweat. I see, true and burn. The spiciness of chili peppers accumulates. It's spicy like a body blow. But my hands don't stop.

Eat "True Burning Chili Pepper"
Spicy accumulates

When I ate about half of it, I really wanted to drink beer. I want to reset the spiciness with a cool beer and eat a red pepper ring again. Drink cold water for the time being. It's pretty neat. After all, powder is the source of all the spiciness, so when it disappears from the mouth and throat, it calms down.

Instead, I feel that my stomach is getting warmer, but when I bite it, it gets quite hot. The illusion is that the body temperature has risen about 1 degree. By the time everything was flattened, my forehead and cheeks were hot. However, I managed to finish it.

In conclusion, although it is about twice as hot as the first generation, it can be eaten as a snack until the first third bite. After that, you should have beer.