Calbee Otona no Jagarico Geki Hot Salami Flavor

Calbee Otona no Jagarico Gekiho Salami Flavor

From Calbee's "Otona no Jagarico" series for snacks that go well with alcohol, "Otona no Jagarico Gekiho Salami Flavor" will be available, offering the spiciness of chili pepper and the flavor of salami. The product will go on sale on April 10. Convenience stores will be the first to receive the product. Limited time offer. The product will be available at nonconvenience stores from April 24, and will be discontinued in late July. The product is 38g (1.34oz) in weight and will be sold at an estimated price of around 150 yen (tax included).

Otona no Jagarico Geki-Hot Salami


"Otona no Jagarico Geki-Hot Salami Flavor" is a snack for adults that offers authentic spiciness through the "Jagarico manufacturing method" and "coating method. The "Geki-Hot" was selected because of the "Geki-Hot" boom that has been going on in recent years and because the "Jagarico Geki-Hot Indian Curry Flavor" released in 2019 was very popular for its "aggressive spiciness" and "I hope it will be re-released". The salami flavor, faithfully recreated with the delicious taste of pork and the aroma of spices, goes well with the spiciness of the chili peppers. "Spicy and delicious! "Jagarico" is now the perfect accompaniment to beer.

The package is in the form of a stand-up pack with a zipper that can be enjoyed in just the right amount whenever you want and is easy to place on your desk and carry around. The red background color, flame pattern, and "Geki-Hot" flavor name in large brush strokes in the center of the package express the spiciness of the product.