Lake Ikeya "Stick Karamucho Kimchige"

"Stick Karamucho Kimchige" is on sale from Koikeya's "Karamucho" brand. The price is open.

Since its launch in 1984, "Karamucho" has been a popular series for its "spicy and delicious" unique to "Karamucho". With the renewal in November 2020, the "Karamucho" brand will be a "spicy" snack that has never been seen before. We are working on the development of new products aiming at ". This time, with reference to "Kimchi Jjigae," which is synonymous with the taste you want to eat in winter, we have developed a new spicy "Stick Karamucho Kimchi Jjigae" that brings out the flavor of seafood and the richness of fermented chili peppers.

Stick Karamucho Kimchige

"Stick Karamucho Kimchige" is a high-quality spicy flavor that is one rank higher than the standard product (Stick Karamucho Hot Chili Flavor), and you can enjoy it only in winter.

Lake Karamucho Kimchige is a lake pond shop where you can enjoy the perfect taste for winter. It looks good as a snack for sake. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?