McDonald's "Big Mac Junior"
Big Mac Junior

Japan's first menu "Big Mac Junior" is now available at each McDonald's store. It will be on sale from April 17th as the "Big Mac Series" along with the reprinted "Grand Big Mac" and "Giga Big Mac" (excluding some stores).

Big Mac Junior is a popular product sold overseas. A "junior size" big Mac that you can easily enjoy when you are hungry. The savory baked beef patty is combined with a secret original Big Mac sauce containing cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, and mustard onion sweet relish, and sandwiched in buns with sesame seeds.

The Grand Big Mac, which will be released at the same time, is a hearty Big Mac that uses "Grand Size" beef patties that are more than 1.3 times larger than the Big Mac. In addition, the Giga Big Mac is a "Giga size" Big Mac that also contains four beef patties that are more than 1.3 times larger. Both have been sold for the third time since their first appearance in 2016.

McDonald's "Grand Big Mac"
Grand Big Mac

McDonald's "Giga Big Mac"
Giga Big Mac

The individual prices (tax included) for each of the four Big Mac series items are as follows.

Big Mac 390 yen Big Mac Junior 290 yen Grand Big Mac 490 yen Giga Big Mac 700 yen * Limited quantity