McDonald's "Come on Baby! N.Y. Burgers" Three New Products


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Come Baby! N.Y. Burgers"

Three New Products

"N.Y. Thick Beef & Fries," "N.Y. Buffalo Chicken," and "N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar" will be available at McDonald's restaurants as part of the New York City-inspired "Come Baby! N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar will be available from October 25. Also, "Shakashaka Shakashaka Potato 3-Cheese Flavor" will be available to enjoy a different kind of McFries. All of these items will be available until late November.

N.Y. Burgers" is a burger series that was very popular last year (2022). N.Y. Burgers" is an evolution of the New York-inspired "N.Y. Burgers" burger series that uses a special square bun and is now available in three new flavors.

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N.Y. Thick Beef & Fries

McDonald's "N.Y. Meaty Beef & Fries"

The burger combines a thick, non-staple 100% beef patty with a smooth potato filling, smoky bacon, and rich cheddar cheese, all sandwiched in a unique, hoppy, square-shaped bun. The tomato-based gravy with a hint of beef, fried onions, and garlic is an addictive flavor. Priced from 530 yen (tax included).

N.Y. Buffalo Chicken

McDonald's "N.Y. Buffalo Chicken".

Juicy, spicy thigh meat is combined with crispy lettuce, pickles, and a slightly sweet mayo sauce, and sandwiched in a special hops-infused square bun. The chicken patty is made from a single piece of chicken thigh. This dish is inspired by New York's famous "Buffalo Chicken," with its pungent and addictive spiciness. Those who do not like spiciness should take note. Prices start at 460 yen.

N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar

McDonald's "N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar

Shrimp cutlets with the texture of plump shrimp and crunchy batter are combined with crisp lettuce and tomatoes, and seasoned with a special tartar sauce. Onions, salted olives, lemon, and three kinds of herbs (basil, rosemary, and thyme) are added to the tartar sauce, which has a refreshing acidity that makes it a perfect match. Shrimp cutlets, vegetables, and the refreshing tartar sauce are sandwiched in a special square bun made with hops for an exquisite harmony. Prices start at 490 yen.

Shakashaka Potato 3 Cheese Flavor

McDonald's "Shakashaka Potatoes 3 Cheese Flavor"

Three rich flavors of Emmental cheese, Parmesan cheese, and cream cheese powder enhance the deliciousness of the fries, and the tangy black pepper spice is addictive in this limited time only Shakashaka Potato. Prices start from 40 yen for a single serving of fries.

Prices start at ¥40 for a single serving of fries.
Prices at select stores and delivery service vary.

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