Lawson "Dark tea roll cake"
The source of the image is the official website

At each Lawson store, we have summarized the new arrival sweets that will be released on April 16th. Here are 5 items in the lineup of interest.

・ Matcha chocolate tart [br /] A tart made by layering matcha chocolate and matcha cream and sprinkling it with matcha powder. By adding matcha to the tart dough, the flavor of matcha is further enhanced. The price is 195 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Matcha Chocolate Tart"

・ Dark tea roll cake [br /] A strong matcha roll cake using Uji matcha from Tsuji Riichi's main store. Squeeze the matcha cream on the chewy matcha dough and top it with matcha mochi jelly. The price is 210 yen.

Lawson "Dark tea roll cake"

・ Dark tea Mont Blanc [br /] Mont Blanc is perfect for the new tea season. Uji matcha cream is squeezed into the dough, mousse, and jelly. The price is 295 yen.

Lawson "Dark Tea Mont Blanc"

・ Two strawberry shortcakes [br /] A square shortcake sandwiched with strawberry jam and topped with strawberries. Finished with a refreshing cream. The price is 395 yen.

Lawson "Strawberry Shortcake 2 Pieces"

・ Plenty of orange milk agar (using Hokkaido milk)
A rich milk agar that uses only Hokkaido milk, with plenty of mandarin oranges trapped in it. You can enjoy the sweetness of milk and the sweetness and sourness of mandarin oranges. The price is 180 yen.

Lawson "Plenty of orange milk agar (using Hokkaido milk)"