Sanshu family "Dam curry"
Rice is a bank and curry is a reservoir!

Recently popular "Dam Curry". If you're wondering if you should go near the dam just for the sake of trying it out, the "Sanshu family" in Tokyo is the perfect place for you. I heard that you can enjoy various types of dam curry.

Speaking of dam curry, rice is piled up like a bank, and curry is put next to it to dam it up, making it a high-impact dish that looks like a reservoir. More and more restaurants near the dam are putting it on the menu.

It's a little annoying that dams are usually located far from the town, but in fact, there is the Sanshu family as a shop that sells dam curry in central Tokyo. The location is right after getting off the Toei Bus "Honjo 4-chome" stop. By train, the Toei Asakusa Line and Honjo Azumabashi Station are nearby.

Scenery inside the Sanshu family
Inside the Sanshu family. Lucky to sit by the window

Advance reservation is required to order dam curry. Let's call in first.

There are four types of dam curry for the Sanshu family: "earth", "arch type", "gravity type", and "rice fill". This time I ordered an arch type. The price is 760 yen (tax included). After waiting for a while, it appears in a large bowl instead of a plate.

Sanshu family "Dam curry"
There are four types: earth, arch, gravity, and rice fill. Feeling a little familiar with dams?

One side of the rice that divides the bowl in half is filled with nanami and curry, and the other side is empty. Fukujinzuke is colorful.

Sanshu family "Dam curry"
It's a thick wall of rice!

Sanshu family "Dam curry"
Let's open the outlet by yourself

The bank made of rice is solid and does not collapse with a light push with a spoon. If you dig from the side to try the "release" of curry flowing to the other side, you can see that it is quite thick. When I worked silently and opened the gate leading to the other side, the water level of the curry began to drop. But it doesn't flow as quickly as I expected, but it comes out slowly. It may be because the curry is thick.

Sanshu family "Dam curry"
It doesn't flow unexpectedly

As I watched it, I became hungry and couldn't stand it and ate the bank made of rice. Delicious. I imagined rice that was crushed more and more, but it was usually soft. Next, the curry is also scooped up. It had a very Japanese-style nostalgic taste, and of course it was hot. There is a sense of satisfaction when flattened with Fukujinzuke.

After a leisurely break after a meal, the shop staff brought me a leaflet introducing the dam curry in each area. Starting from here, it may be good to start a tour of dams and dam curries nationwide from spring. It's a temptation that is a little intriguing.

Sanshu Family 4-17-3 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(Reservation required for dam curry)