Sukiya "Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken Curry



Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken Curry


Sukiya will release "Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken Curry" topped with a large charcoal grilled bone-in chicken on Wednesday, November 30 at 9:00 a.m. The lineup also includes "Stew Sauce Charcoal Chicken Curry" and "Fire Charcoal Chicken Curry." The sales end date has not yet been determined.

Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken


"Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken" is a new menu item that can be enjoyed by all five senses, with a texture so tender that it can be loosened with a spoon, the mouthwatering charring of the charcoal grill, and the fragrant aroma that escapes through the nose. The chicken, which is so big that it hides the rice, is grilled over charcoal and steamed slowly and carefully to make it tender.

Sukiya "Charcoal Grilled Hollow Chicken Curry

Sukiya's curry has a rich flavor infused with more than 20 spices, including cumin, and the sweetness of onions and tomatoes. It also goes well with charcoal-grilled chicken.

Prices including tax are (mini) 590 yen, (medium) 690 yen, (large) 830 yen, and (mega) 990 yen.

Stew Sauce Charcoal-grilled Chicken Curry

The milky flavor of the stew sauce makes the curry mild and enjoyable. Tax included: (mini) 650 yen, (medium) 750 yen, (large) 890 yen, (mega) 1,050 yen.

Sukiya "Stew Sauce Charcoal Grilled Hollow Chicken Curry".

Fire Charcoal Chicken Curry

with special flakes of garlic and chili pepper. Tax included: (mini) 650 yen, (regular) 750 yen, (large) 890 yen, (mega) 1,050 yen.

Sukiya "Fire Charcoal Chicken Curry

Charcoal Grilled

Hotchpotch Ch

icken "Charcoal Grilled Hotchpotch Chicken" can be ordered separately. It can also be enjoyed as a plate during the holiday season. The price including tax is 330 yen.

Sukiya "Charcoal Grilled Hot Chicken