CoCo Ichibanya "THE Beef Curry

CoCo Ichibanya THE Beef C

urry CoCo Ichibanya (except some stores) will sell "THE Beef Curry" as a limited quantity menu item. It will go on sale on July 16. The price is 1,030 yen, or 1,380 yen with extra meat (both prices include tax). The menu will end as soon as it is gone.



Curry "THE Beef Curry" is a product using "Beef Curry Sauce" which has been sold for a limited time since March 2021 and has been very popular. The curry sauce is made with chutney, a spice seasoning added to fruits and vegetables, onions, apples, and other ingredients to give the curry sauce a sweet and rich taste along with the flavor of beef.

The beef curry is filled with tender beef simmered in bouillon, making it a very satisfying dish. Ordering "extra meat" doubles the amount of beef, making it an even more special dish.

Recommended toppings include cream croquette, half scrambled egg, half cheese, half vegetable, and spinach.

CoCo Ichibanya's "THE Beef Curry" is sure to make you feel luxurious. Quantities are limited, so be sure to get in early if you are interested!