Katsuya "Demi Cheese Hamburger Cutlet Curry

Katsuya Demi Cheese Hamburger Cut

let Curry Katsuya will sell a limited time menu "Demi Cheese Hamburger Cutlet Curry" in a limited quantity of 60,000 servings. The release date is April 28. The price is 836 yen (tax included, same below). To go will be 820 yen including tax. The sale will end as soon as it is gone.

Demi Cheese Hamburger Cutlet

Curry This is a cutlet curry that is only available now. It combines an extra-thick hamburger cutlet that is carefully prepared by hand in the store, topped with cheese and demi-glace sauce, with curry that was developed to enjoy the cutlet. The demi-glace sauce and curry combine to create a dish with a new sensation.