"Nagano's Hitokuchi Kiwi"
Domestic kiwi dried fruit

I tried the dried fruit "Nagano no Hitokuchi Kiwi" that I saw at JR East's Ekinaka convenience store "NewDays". It looks like a mineral specimen, but it is very soft and easy to eat.

"Nagano's Hitokuchi Kiwi"
This is the package

It is said that kiwi from Nagano prefecture is kept with the color and flavor of the material. It is said that it was jointly developed by the local product shop "Mono" and Minami Shinshu Confectionery Studio. The selling price is 235 yen (tax included).

When I opened the bag, I saw some lumps of irregularities. Bright green and black seeds that can be recognized as kiwi at a glance. However, the appearance of water flying and shrinking and the surface shining is somewhat like a mineral specimen.

"Nagano's Hitokuchi Kiwi"
It ’s a very mineral.

It is associated with unpolished rough stones such as emerald and jade. However, when I pick it up and eat it, it is very soft as evidence that it is not a stone. The hardness of dried fruits varies depending on the product, and varies from those who prefer the firmness of chewy texture to those who prefer the brittleness that crumbles and melts in the mouth. It's pretty close to the latter.

When you bite into one, you can feel the clear sweetness on your tongue at first, but later on, it has a kiwi-like acidity and a numbing aftertaste. The fluffy texture of the seeds is also an accent and delicious.

"Nagano's Hitokuchi Kiwi"
Seed bubble wrap is fun

If you carry it to your mouth one after another, it will disappear soon. For a moment I thought it would be nice if there were more, but I decided to reconsider that this would be just right if I enjoyed dried fruits as a snack. The total calorie content is 83 kcal. For drinks, green tea in a PET bottle that is not sweet and cold seems to go well.