Dried fruit pickled in black tea recipe

Easily arrange the things left over when making sweets and the dried fruits that didn't fit your taste! Here are 3 recommended recipes for "pickled dried fruits".

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3 recommended recipes for "pickled dried fruits"

Pickled rum

"Dried fruit pickled in rum " made using rum, dried fruit, and a heat-resistant glass bottle that can be sealed. To make it delicious, it is important to prepare well! You can enjoy it by adding it to ice cream or yogurt, or adding it to tea.

Dried fruit rum recipe

Pickled in yogurt

Just put it in and let it sit overnight! Super simple " dried fruit pickled in yogurt ". Just mix the dried fruits in yogurt (preferably plain) and there is no troublesome preparation! The next morning, it's a juicy fruit yogurt.

Dried fruit pickled in yogurt recipe

Pickled in black tea

"Dried fruit pickled in black tea " that spreads the gorgeous scent of black tea. Just soaking overnight will reduce the stickiness of the dried fruits and restore their crispy texture and freshness. The refreshing sweetness of fruits and the aroma of black tea are the best match.

Dried fruit pickled in black tea recipe

Three recipes for "pickled dried fruits" that are worth remembering. Please try the recipe you are interested in!