Kogane's "loin and set meal"
Although it is loin, the fat is light

The loin and set meal of "Tonkatsu Kogane" in Meguro, Tokyo has a nice soft pork flavor, but the fat is not too tasty. Another feature is that it uses pork called "SPF pork," which is rarely heard.

Speaking of Meguro, "Tonkatsu Tonkatsu", "Tonkatsu Katsuichi" and "Tonkatsu Taihou" are famous. However, it tastes as good as Kogane's pork cutlet.

From Meguro station, take Meguro-dori towards the intersection of Kamiosaki, and sit at a long and narrow counter to eat. When I go to lunch on weekdays, many of my customers are young men. It was already late at noon, but I was waiting in line.

Tonkatsu "Kogane"
The shop is here

Inside the store, I sat in a place where the left and right seats were already occupied. If you look at the menu while refraining from being next to you, you can order various set meals such as fillet, chicken, and menchi-katsu, but since it's a big deal, I ordered a loin and set meal that uses pork called Hayashi SPF. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included), which is a little expensive.

Kogane loin and set meal
Loin and set meal is simple

I'll wait for a while. The roasted pork cutlet that came out is said to have a solid thickness and a crisp fried condition, like a fine pork cutlet sample. When I grab it at once, the taste of the meat is very strong.

Kogane's "loin katsu" set meal

I usually eat pork and don't pay attention to the difference in aroma and flavor, but this loin and pork has a clear personality and is fresh. The claim of fat was not so much even if it was called loin, and the impression was that the meat itself was delicious. You can add sauce, lemon, and mustard to your liking, but you can leave it as it is without anything.

Kogane's "loin katsu" set meal
Fat is fragrant, but not heavy

The cabbage is crispy. Rice and pickles have a perfect taste, and miso soup is pork soup. It's filled with large pork that isn't thin, and it makes me happy when I come to the Tonkatsu restaurant. Cabbage and rice can be refilled. All the male customers were refilling the cabbage.

Tonkatsu Kogane's "pork soup"
Around the meat

By the way, when I looked up the poster in the store to find out what the SPF pig is, it seems to mean "Specific Pathogen Free". It is a healthy pig with few antibiotics to give. Hayashi SPF from Chiba is also characterized by its light fat. The meat, which is loin but has a refreshing taste like fins, was delicious and I wanted to try it again.

Tonkatsu Kogane 3-3-4 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo