Hirata Ranch "Election Split"

Election discount" will be held at Hirata Farm. Show your "Voting Certificate" received after voting in the House of Councillors regular election (House of Councillors election), and you will receive half off "Kinka Pork Thick Cut Loin Cutlet Set" and other dishes.

Hirata Ranch Election Allotment

Hirata Ranch "Election Split"

From July 4 to 18, at all Hirata Ranch directly-operated restaurants nationwide, present your voting card for the House of Councillors election and receive half-price discounts on eligible menu items. For those polling stations that do not accept voting cards, the discount will be applied by presenting an image that confirms your participation in the polls.

The stores implementing the election allotment are Ton-ya, Shonai Airport Store, Yakiniku Shabu Shabu Hirata Ranch, Hirata Ranch Honten, Tokyo Midtown Store, Hirata Ranch Kyokyu KITTE Marunouchi Store, COREDO Nihonbashi Store, Tamagawa Takashimaya Store, Sendai Fujisaki Store, Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata Store, Ton Shichi, and Tsuruoka Shonai Sightseeing Product Center Store. Ecute Tokyo" is excluded.

The menu items are "Kinka Pork Thick Cut Loin Katsu Set" for restaurants, "Kinka Pork Tokkyo Kabayaki Jyu" for the Tsuruoka store, "Kinka Pork Platter" for the Yakiniku store, and "Kinka Pork Loin Katsu" for the merchandising store. Only the Yamagata store offers "Kinka Pork Rib Eye Cutlet" at half price.

Menu items are subject to change. May be used up to once per person, and a store stamp will be affixed to the back of the certificate. May not be used in conjunction with other services.

The election for the House of Councillors will be held on July 10. In addition, advance voting will be available, for example, from June 23 to July 9 in Tokyo.