Matsunoya "fillet cutlet

Matsunoya "H

ire Katsu" Hire Katsu will be available at Matsunoya and Matsunoya on Wednesday, April 26 at 3 p.m. (except at highway PA stores). To go (To go) available.



Hire Katsu, which combines thickness, palatability, and juiciness, has been revived in response to many people's requests. The original sauce made from 12 spices, vegetables, and fruits is also a perfect match.

Matsunoya "fillet cutlet

The Hire Katsudon is a delicious trinity of Hire Kats, egg, and special Japanese broth. The crispy batter is moistened by the fluffy egg mixture, and the aroma of mitsuba enhances the dish. The more you chew, the juicier the pork and the more the flavor of the broth spreads.

Matsunoya "Hire Katsudon

Matsunoya Curry," with its rich aroma and mild flavor, is now also available in a "Hirekatsu Curry" that expands the flavor of the meat. Enjoy the tender filet cutlet with less fat.

Matsunoya "Filet Katsu Curry

Prices are the same for both in-store and To go, including tax. Miso soup for To go can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Filet Katsu set meal (3 pieces) 850 yen
Loose & Filet Katsu set meal (1 piece) 830 yen
Loose & Filet Katsu set meal (2 pieces) 990 yen
Top Loose & Filet Katsu set meal (1 piece) 930 yen
Top Loose & Filet Katsu set meal (2 pieces) 1,090 yen
Filet Katsu donburi 690 yen
Filet Katsu curry 690 yen
Single Filet Katsu (1 piece) 300 yen

Matsunoya "fillet cutlet

Top loin cutlet and filet set meals are not available at Matsuya restaurants.
The "Hirekatsu Curry" does not come with miso soup.
Filet Katsu Curry" is not sold at stores co-located with Maikyari Shokudo.