Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center "pacific saury Spa"
pacific saury Spa!

For the first time in a long time, I had an encounter with a straight B-class gourmet. "pacific saury Spa", which you can sometimes order for lunch at "Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center" in Meguro, Tokyo, is a dish of spaghetti with saury fried and demiglace sauce. For some reason, it comes with rice and a small bowl.

Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center
Here is

The Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center is a Japanese izakaya, but because of its location, it offers a large selection of saury dishes. There is a wide variety of dishes such as grilled salt, sashimi, and namero, but the one that stands out is the pacific saury Spa. Occasionally appears as one of the daily lunch menus.

In the first place, it is strange that pasta is a Japanese izakaya, but it is properly finished as a set meal with rice and small bowls. I already like the idea of adding rice to the main course of carbohydrates.

"pacific saury Spa" at Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center
I also have rice

One of the great things about B-grade gourmet is that you can be free from the usual stereotypes. Just seeing a big saury fly on top of spaghetti makes me smirk and excited.

Image of pacific saury Spa
Great volume

Spaghetti at pacific saury Spa is softer than so-called al dente. The noodles are also thick and boiled and are slightly chewy. It's like an old-fashioned coffee shop. The texture is quite good when you put it in your mouth with the crispy saury fried.

It goes well with the heavy demiglace sauce. You can use the sauce as pasta, or you can add plenty of sauce to season the fried food. The amount is sufficient.

Image of pacific saury Spa
Spaghetti dares to be demiglace sauce

By the way, when you chew the fry, the fat of the saury comes out slowly. It has nothing to do with the words "clean" and "light", but the scent of blue fish makes me want to eat more and more blindly.

Image of saury fly
Firmly, saury fat! This is fine!

By the time I finish eating the fried and pasta on the platter, I'm completely full. But it's not over yet. Next is the turn of rice and small bowls. The amount of pickles, spicy sauce, and cold tofu is sufficient as side dishes. It's a perfect side dish to flatten a bowl of white rice.

By the time I get everything in my stomach, my head is really dull, but after eating, I get a drink and take a break. Rest for a while with an iced coffee. From this experience, I vaguely thought that I might be able to make a new version of the famous rakugo story "Meguro no pacific saury".

Komahachi Meguro pacific saury Center 2-13-35 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo KI Building 2F