Rape blossom "Meguro saury set meal"
I like saury

The saury is delicious. The saury is very delicious. The umami of fat, the bittersweetness of cotton, and the refreshing part of the body. I ate a saury set meal at "Meguro's pacific saury Rape blossoms" in Tokyo, following the voice of my heart asking for saury.

"Meguro no pacific saury Rape blossoms" storefront
You can eat Sanriku saury

In Meguro, there are several shops with saury as a signboard, named after the rakugo performance. Rape blossoms are one of them. Gonnosuke Saka Main Store is an ordinary izakaya where you can sit at the counter and eat casually. The signature menu "Meguro pacific saury Set Meal" is 800 yen (tax included). The price is 750 yen for 3 days such as 3rd, 13th and 23rd.

Rape blossom "Meguro saury set meal"
Meguro saury set meal. Good idea

The menu is a set meal that includes a whole grilled saury, a small bowl, miso soup, and rice.

Needless to say to those who know the content of rakugo, there is no sea in Meguro, so I can't take it. Therefore, rape blossom saury is purchased from Sanriku. The well-cooked blue fish has a good flavor while the fat is removed moderately.

Rape blossom "Meguro saury set meal"
Crispy skin with soft fat, easy to loosen

When you squeeze your body with the crispy skin, it has a unique texture that combines a soft body that is easy to loosen and a juicy soup. Furthermore, you can enjoy the unique scent of saury at once.

In addition, the saury has a good bone, and I am happy that it is easy to remove it with chopsticks even if it is naturally clumsy. As I continue to eat, the bittersweet cotton stimulates my tongue. Whether or not you enjoy cotton depends on the person, but reporters think that it is the real pleasure of pacific saury. It is very interesting that one fish has many flavors depending on the part.

After flattening it by about a quarter, add some grated daikon radish to refresh it and change your taste. In rape blossoms, grated daikon radish has a large amount, and it is covered with a large amount without being squeaky. The saury has a good salty taste, but the grated daikon radish has a more pronounced flavor than the soy sauce.

Rape blossom "Meguro saury set meal"
Thank you for plenty of grated radish

Macaroni salad, Kiriboshi radish, and pickles are also well-made. Miso soup is pork soup. The rice can be refilled, so the Kenpo family can be satisfied.

Pickles from rape blossoms

Kiriboshi daikon of rape blossoms
Kiriboshi daikon

Macaroni salad with rape blossoms
Macaroni salad!

After emptying all the vessels on the tray and going out of the store, I really wanted to say "Sanma is limited to Meguro" and said "pacific saury is limited to Meguro".

Meguro pacific saury Rape blossoms Gonnosukezaka Main Store 1-1-15 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Kiku Building 1F
Meguro's pacific saury Rape blossoms Gonnosuke Saka Main Store
Address:1-1-15 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo