Lawson "Premium Chocolate Roll Cake"
Check out Lawson's new arrival sweets! (All image sources are official websites)

New sweets such as "Premium Chocolate Roll Cake" will be on sale from October 9th at each Lawson store. The lineup consists of the following 5 items!

・ Premium roll cake 150 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson "Premium Roll Cake"

The renewed Uchi Cafe roll cake . Luxuriously using Hokkaido cream, it is packed with a special blended cream that has a milky feel but is easy to melt in the mouth. The dough is moist and fluffy with egg yolk and butter added.

・ Premium chocolate roll cake 165 yen

Lawson "Premium Chocolate Roll Cake"

A chocolate roll cake made by combining bitter chocolate with a refreshing cream that has a milky feel and a good mouthfeel. It is made into a fluffy chocolate dough that goes well with cream.

・ Baked chocolate tart 165 yen

Lawson "Baked Chocolat Tart"

Ganache made with 3 types of chocolate and cream from Hokkaido is baked to match the tart dough.

・ Chocolate banana crepe wrap (with 3 kinds of berry sauce) 320 yen

Lawson "Chocolate Banana Crepe Wrap"

A one-handed crepe topped with a brownie with walnuts made from Belgian chocolate. The chocolate crepe dough is coated with custard cream, sliced banana is put on it, and chocolate sauce using Belgian chocolate and 3 kinds of berry sauce are squeezed and wrapped.

・ Raw dorayaki (Ogura cream) 150 yen

Lawson "Raw Dorayaki (Ogura Cream)"

Ogura cream, which is a mixture of Hokkaido azuki beans and Hokkaido cream with whipped cream, is sandwiched with a softly baked dough. Ogura cream has a milky feel, azuki bean richness, and umami.

In addition, a new "doughnut" product has been added to the three-product lineup.

・ Mochian donut (1 piece) 140 yen

Lawson "Mochian Donuts"

A dough that melts in your mouth and wraps bean paste and mochi. Even if the mochi is stored in a hot case, it has a soft texture.

・ Chewy donut sandwich (pumpkin & whipped cream) 135 yen

Lawson "Cheap Donut Sandwich (Pumpkin & Whipped)"

Pumpkin cream and whipped cream are sandwiched between donuts with a chewy texture. A donut sandwich coated with pumpkin chocolate.

・ Bran's grilled donut (coffee) 125 yen

Lawson "Bran's Grilled Donuts (Coffee)"

The dough with bran flour is finished with a mocha coffee flavor and baked moistly. The top surface is coated with coffee-flavored chocolate.