Ginza Cozy Corner New "Black Mitsuhojicha Tart"
Japanese tart

The new sweet "Kuromitsu Hojicha Tart" will be on sale for a limited time from September 28th to October 31st at the Ginza Cozy Corner fresh cake dealer (excluding some stores). The price is 464 yen (tax included).

Hojicha flavored sweets that have become a hot topic in recent years. This autumn, a new tart of "Hojicha Tsukushi" will appear at the Ginza Cozy Corner.

Hojicha is used for black honey roasted tea tart, from sponge to cream and jelly. The sweetness of black honey cream, the moderate astringency of hojicha cream and hojicha custard, and the richness of bean paste cream match. It's a perfect dish for the season when it gets chilly and you miss the warm Japanese taste.