Ginza Cozy Corner "Dekopon Shortcake" "Dekopon Chocolate Tart"

"Dekopon Shortcake" will be released on January 7th and "Dekopon Chocolate Tart" will be released on February 4th at the raw cake dealers in Ginza Cozy Corner.

Dekopon shortcake

Decorate the top with juicy and sweet "Dekopon", and sandwich orange jelly and yogurt-flavored cream with an orange-flavored sponge. A seasonal shortcake with a refreshing scent and acidity that fills your mouth. The price is 518 yen (tax included). The sale period is from January 7th to February 3rd.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Dekopon Shortcake"

Dekopon chocolate tart

Topped with "Dekopon" by layering jam & sponge using seasonal citrus "Shiranuhi" and chocolate ganache. The mellow sweetness of chocolate enhances the refreshing sweetness of citrus fruits. The price is 518 yen (tax included). The sale period is from February 4th to February 28th.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Dekopon Chocolate Tart"


At the agricultural organization (JA) licensed by the Japan Horticultural Agricultural Cooperative Association (Nisonoren), "Shiranuhi" is measured with an optical sensor, and only fruits that meet the national unified standards are designated as "Dekopon". It is on sale. "Dekopon" is a citrus fruit with a perfect balance of rich sweetness and moderate acidity that spreads from a plump texture. Shortcakes and tarts were developed with the desire to enjoy the deliciousness of seasonal fruits with sweets at the timing when "Dekopon" reaches the season. * Decopon is a registered trademark of JA Kumamoto Fruit Ren.