Homer Corporation "Crushed Coffee Jelly"

"Crashed Coffee Jelly" and "Crashed Mango Jelly" sold by Homer Corporation. I found it in KALDI. The purchase price is 298 yen for coffee and 198 yen for mango (both including tax).

This is a soft jelly that you can drink with a straw in a paper container. Crushed coffee jelly contains coffee jelly that is a low-sweetness finish of aromatic coffee, and crushed mango jelly contains colorful jelly that takes advantage of the sweetness of mango. The content of each is 450 ml.

"Crashed Coffee Jelly" and "Crashed Mango Jelly"

You can enjoy it as it is, or combine chilled crushed jelly with milk or top it with ice cream. Coffee jelly has a slight bitterness and richness, while mango jelly has a tropical sweetness.

Homer Corporation "Crushed Coffee Jelly"

Homer Corporation "Crushed Coffee Jelly"
Combined with milk

Homer Corporation "Crushed Coffee Jelly"
Topping on ice cream

Homer Corporation "Crashed Mango Jelly"
Even if you put it on yogurt

In addition, the texture of the jelly varies depending on the number of times the pack is shaken. If you want to enjoy the crunchy texture, don't shake the pack, just push it out from the side with your finger after opening it. If you want a loose sauce-like jelly, shake it several times before opening.

Homer Corporation "Crushed Coffee Jelly"
The one on the left is shaken well, the one on the right is as it is

It is recommended that you do not shake it too much when mixing it with milk, and shake it well when adding it to ice cream or yogurt to make it into a sauce.

The "Crashed Jelly" series that seems to be convenient if you keep it in the refrigerator. In addition to coffee and mango, it seems that 1000 ml of grapes and tea flavors are on sale. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?