Tsukiji Gindaco "Ryukyu Ponzu Grated"
Uses Shikuwasa from Okinawa!

At each Tsukiji Gindaco store, the new takoyaki "Ryukyu Ponzu Grated" using Okinawa Prefecture Shikuwasa will be on sale for a limited time from July 18th (excluding some stores).

Ryukyu Ponzu Grated is a seasonal series of summer staple products "Negidako". It is a dish that you can enjoy while adding takoyaki by combining a special ponzu sauce with shikuwasa juice and grated radish.

You can enjoy the refreshing scent of fresh shikuwasa by squeezing the "raw shikuwasa" attached to takoyaki into a special sauce.

The price is 680 yen (tax included) for 8 boats.