Mos Burger "Feast Chili Burger"
Luxury burger only every Friday

At each Mos Burger store, "Feast Chili Burger" (520 yen, tax included, same below) will be on sale from July 27th (excluding some stores) only every Friday. Limited time until mid-January 2019. Provided after 10:30 am.

Feast Chili Burger appears as a planned product of "Moss Friday" held every Friday. A burger with juicy patties, sliced cheese, lightly baked sweet tomatoes, onion saute, and lettuce layered in buns.

Two types of sauce are used: "hot chili sauce" using two types of beans (let kidney and chickpea) and ground beef, and "Japanese-style sauce" with whole mustard accents. It is finished in a special and voluminous item.

In addition, the "Spicy Feast Chili Burger" (550 yen) with jalapeno added and the "2 Spicy Spicy Feast Chili Burger" (580 yen) with double jalapeno are also on sale at the same time. How about in a hot summer?