Akafuku "Isuzu No-Asobi Mochi
Four flavors of Akafuku rice cakes! (Source: Akafuku official website)

Akafuku "Isuzu No-Asobi Mochi

Akafuku, a Japanese confectionery store in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, will release a new souvenir product, "Isuzu No-Asobi Mochi" on July 15. 8 pieces in a package, priced at 760 yen (tax included).

The company's signature product is the Akafuku rice cake, which has been loved for over 300 years. Akafuku Mochi" is a rice cake topped with Koshi-an (sweetened red bean paste).

The new "Isuzu No-Asobi Mochi" is an assortment of Akafuku mochi with four different types of red bean paste. In addition to Koshi An (Koshi An), the set includes Shiro An (white bean paste made from a combination of white azuki beans and kidney beans), Midori An (green bean paste made from young barley leaves), and Kuro An (black bean paste flavored with brown sugar). The product is said to have been created with the feeling of a child enjoying playing in the field throughout the four seasons.

In order to avoid confusion at the store, sales are by lottery. To avoid confusion at the store, applications are made seven days before the desired date of purchase by calling a special number from a cell phone. The number of boxes sold is 500 per day, and each person can only purchase one box. For the July 15 sale, lottery applications will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. on July 8.

For more information on sales locations, hours, and how to apply for the lottery, please visit Akafuku's official website.