"Tiramisu Frappuccino" customized by Starbucks

"Coffee Frappuccino" sold at each Starbucks (Starbucks) store. Did you know that if you customize this Frappuccino, you can enjoy the taste like "tiramisu"?

■ Customization method
For "Coffee Frappuccino"

・ Add vanilla syrup (+50 yen)
・ Addition of mocha syrup (+50 yen)
・ Add 1/2 push of almond toffee syrup (+50 yen)
・ Addition of espresso shot (+50 yen)
・ Add whipped cream (+50 yen)
・ Increased whip (free)
・ Chocolate sauce added (free)
・ Add caramel sauce (free)

"Tiramisu Frappuccino" to be completed in. Due to the large number of customizations, it is recommended to check with your partner before ordering.

"Tiramisu Frappuccino" customized by Starbucks
Tiramisu Frappuccino

Stir a generous amount of whipped cream well to dissolve it for a rich and rich taste like tiramisu! You will be fascinated by the smooth and luxurious sweetness. Is it because of the almond toffee syrup that you can feel the faint aroma?

"Tiramisu Frappuccino" customized by Starbucks
Drink early as it melts at a tremendous speed!

"Tiramisu Frappuccino" customized by Starbucks
Melt and drink to make tiramisu!

The base part has a bittersweet finish of coffee and espresso. You can mix it well to taste the tiramisu taste, or mix it lightly to taste the rich sweetness and bittersweet gradation, and you can enjoy it in your favorite way of drinking ♪

"Tiramisu Frappuccino" customized by Starbucks
The base part is bittersweet

A cup of coffee Frappuccino with a tall size of 420 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) plus various customs is 670 yen. If you want a little extravagance, try the customized "Tiramisu Frappuccino"!