Starbucks "Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino"

Check out all 5 gourmet articles that are attracting attention for eating! Simple recipe "Cabbage and seaweed namul" and new Starbucks summary.

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・ Namul of cabbage and seaweed
The crispy texture of cabbage, the refreshing sweetness, the aroma of sesame and the flavor of seaweed are added. This is a recipe for the side dish "Cabbage and seaweed namul" with chopsticks.

"Cabbage and seaweed namul" recipe

- from The CHOYA #-handed plum wine set
Choya Umeshu, Kishu southern high plum can enjoy as compared drinking of 100% used the plum "The CHOYA" series " The CHOYA #-handed plum wine set " appeared. It will be sold nationwide in limited quantities.

Choya Umeshu "The CHOYA #Handy Umeshu Set"

· Misdo meets in Gion TsujiToshi second edition glossy green tea
Mister Donut, was jointly developed with Uji tea shop "Gion TsujiToshi" " misdo meets Gion TsujiToshi second edition glossy green tea total of seven kinds of" sales Will be done. Limited quantity and period.

Mister Donut "misdo meets Gion Tsujiri 2nd Tsuya Matcha"

Original Hello Kitty Folding Cooler bag
"in Acecook original Hello Kitty Folding Cooler bag get it" campaign will begin. A collaboration between the cup noodle "Mottich" series and Sanrio character "Hello Kitty".

Acecook "Original Hello Kitty Folding Cool Bag"

In Starbucks new summary
Starbucks, " coffee tiramisu Frappuccino such as," "Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino," "double-tall latte Shekerato" will be released.

Starbucks "Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino"