Ebisu Pan "Ebisu Coppe (Egg)" "Tonkatsu" "An & Mascarpone"

About 5 minutes walk from Ebisu station in Tokyo. On the side of the street, there is "Ebisu Pan", which is marked by a yellow sign.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Ebisu Pan"
There is an eat-in space inside

A store specializing in koppe-pan bread with various ingredients sandwiched between bread made from natural yeast and domestic wheat. We have a rich lineup from side dishes to sweets. Introducing 3 items that I was interested in.

The signboard menu is "Ebisu Coppe (egg)". It is carefully made using rare eggs that can only be taken 1,200 eggs a day. The price is 200 yen (tax included, same below).

Ebisu Pan "Ebisu Coppe (Egg)"
Branding iron on bread

The dough is fine and moist. The scent of wheat spreads softly every time you chew, without the dryness that is typical of koppe-pan. It also has a slight sweetness, which enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

There are many egg sandwiches in which mayonnaise plays a leading role, but it is a good impression that the texture and flavor of the eggs are well utilized. The pre-prepared white meat and the unraveled yolk are combined and danced in the mouth. Spices are slightly effective in the mellow richness of eggs. It's simple but addictive.

Ebisu Pan "Ebisu Coppe (Egg)"
The taste of the egg is strong

"Tonkatsu" is a combination of carefully marinated and low-temperature cooked meat, cabbage, and homemade sauce. The price is 380 yen.

Ebisu Pan "Tonkatsu"
Have weight

The meat is moist and tender, and goes well with crispy cabbage. The batter is soaked with a fragrant, sweet and spicy sauce, and the more you chew it, the more delicious it becomes. I'm glad that the meat is in the bread from end to end! It is a delicious dish.

Ebisu Pan "Ebisu Coppe (egg)" "Tonkatsu"
Volume perfect score

"An & Mascarpone" is a combination of red beans from Hokkaido and anko and mascarpone cheese cooked with sanon tou. The price is 270 yen.

The cream that melts in your mouth is the best! The richness of mascarpone and the sweetness of red bean paste are a perfect match. Accented with azuki beans that have a moderate graininess.

Ebisu Pan "An & Mascarpone"
Hokuhoku mellow

Not only is the taste of koppe-pan delicious, but it is also a nice place to buy it at a reasonable price in Ebisu, where there are many high-class restaurants. Please drop in for your favorite koppe-pan.